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Love of my Leif

I am not actually sure how one gets a blog started??? I was tempted to look it up, google search: “how to start a blog”, but I am learning to ignore the voice that says there is a right way. No, in order to do this, I have decided I don’t really care how you are “suppose to do” anything. The bottomline is that it needs to be done! You see for a while now, many months ( I mean actually it is about f’n time!), I have heard a silent calling for me to write, to create, to connect and share; to show up and live my life and be of service to others in anyway I can. I am by no means a writer, or at least I haven’t been to this point, but I feel I can no longer deny the urge I have been feeling. I have thought about, talked about, planned, lost sleep about it, wrote about it; it is ACTION time!

So here goes nothing…

My name is Rose Schieck, or as my mother would prefer me to go by, Sarahrose (spell check would prefer Sarah Rose). I am a 33 yr old stay at home mom, health and wellness coach, and yoga teacher (I am a lot of other things, but we will start there). I am a New Hampshire native, living on the seacoast with my husband, Hugo (the love of my life) and the love of our lives, our almost 2 ½ yr old son Leif. Oh and Buddha and Dorkus our cats.

I grew up in Concord NH, where I was born at home (more on this later). I have many fond memories of being a carefree (yet sensitive), wild, Tomboy, accident prone, sometimes nudist child; covered in dirt, playing till dark in our expansive backyard and building forts in the woods. I enjoyed picking asparagus and collecting eggs, and selling them with great pride by the side of the road. I am the middle child, enough said. I would also describe myself as and artist and an athlete. As a young girl, I had a profound interest in art, and was lucky that my mother provided me with the opportunity to learn and express myself through art lessons she arranged for me. Later in high school, I took every art class that was offered, all of them. I picked up softball at the age of 9, and played competitively in high school, on travel teams, in college and into my adult coed years. My chosen position was pitcher, I took my practice and training very seriously, and put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed, which I realize now has affected who I have become greatly (but more on that later too).

I studied Physical Education at Plymouth State University (I literally had no idea what I wanted to do, it just seemed to make sense to the athlete in me), and afterwards started a career in the Health and Wellness field. As I said, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do while in college, so when it came time to figure out a career post graduation, I had no clue what I was going to do (I’m sure this is the story for many people).

Short story: I waitressed, worked as a part-time “desk associate” at Planet Fitness, was a support provider for a teenager with autism; until, an old friend provided me a job opportunity that very well shaped the course of the rest of my career, and connected me with the deep sense of purpose and passion I feel around supporting others in living a happy, healthy, and empowered life. It was through this seven years of working with the IN SHAPE Program that I got clear on my “professional self."

Longer story: It was the pregnancy, birth and then since mothering of my dear sweet Leif through which I am becoming clearer on WHO I AM, my true self. Well Leif, and Yoga, I have to give respect and mad props to yoga!!!. Leif (and Yoga) has helped to shine the light on the way that I react to things, my deep fears, the habits I created in order to avoid said fears, insecurities, my competitive nature, and my need to be in control. I will come forward now and say I am in perfectionists anonymous, and still working on my recovery. At the same time, Leif has reminded me to find the humor in things (he is hilarious) and to let my naturally playful and funny personality come out. If this blog thing doesn’t work out, my husband told me this morning my next move should be stand up, but I digress... Leif supports me in my pursuit of being more present and courageous in my life and has helped me to try and have more of a childlike sense of wonder about living everyday. To put it simply: Leif inspires me. Leif has provided me with challenges that have strengthened my once thought already strong sense of empathy and patience (he tests this daily, lol). He increases my motivation to live from a place of love and compassion, and gives even greater importance to my pursuit of living a happy and healthy life and supporting others in doing the same. I am endlessly grateful for everything that he has and will teach me, and that he chose me as his mother.

I think just about any mother will tell you that having a child CHANGES YOU. It changes: your body, emotions, life perspective, worries and fears, values, wants and needs, priorities, energy expenditure and availability, marriage, other relationships, goals, and sometimes your direction in life. Raising a child is challenging, yet wildly rewarding. At times it brings us to our knees, from which we have the potential to rise stronger and wiser than before. Just as your child is growing and learning their way in the world, you are in a way born again through their growth, through the challenges and the joyful times you share with them.

So let me get to my intention…

My intention with this blog is to share, tell stories and explore topics related, but not limited too: motherhood, parenting, self acceptance, identity, family wellness, yoga, nutrition, emotional challenges, and behavior change.

I will share and express my humble opinion based on my life and professional experience, relevant research and resources (many book recommendations to come), information from trainings and teachings I have received, and a touch of art and music!!! Additionally I plan to share local events, programs and businesses that I believe support fostering a child's growth and health; and your own!

It is my hope to interact with my audience (I mean assuming I have one, I make no assumptions haha). At the very least, I got all this out of my mind, and maybe I will sleep better tonight???

Lets make this a conversation, and unpack these topics together!

**Although this post has been geared towards mothers/parents, it is my wish for these topics to be inclusive. We are all facing challenges and many people are in pursuit of improved health and happiness, self acceptance, and wanting to live a life filled with greater gratitude and compassion. All are welcome to join the conversation!**

With that being said, I pose these few questions for your own personal reflection and encourage you to share your comments and feelings.

How has having a child(ren) changed you?

What learning opportunity did you encounter today?

Is there something that you have been wanting to do, a change you want to make, but haven’t for whatever reason?What is it?

What is stops you from moving forward with your desire?

Being that we just entered 2018 (and we are still in resolution mode), what are your big plans for this new year???

Finally, in in the spirit of making this leap and expressing myself, I will leave you with this… You can dance if you wanna



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